Cakes for any special moment. Specially baked for wedding, engagement, birthday, gathering or any other occasion.
Choices :
  • Pandan Layer cake
  • Ice-cream cake
  • Black Forest cake
  • Blueberry cake
  • Moist chocolate cake
  • Marble Chocolate Butter cake
  • Carrot cake
  • Orange cake
  • Oreo cheese cake
  • Blueberry cheese cake
  • Tiramisu cake
  • Japanese cheese cake
  • Rich Brownies cheese cake
  • Chocolate Marble Cheese cake

    * buttercream
    * cream cheese
    * chocolate ganache
    * buttercream + piping jelly
    * gumpaste/sugarpaste/fondant
    * adding edible image

    Size for cakes: 7", 8", 9", 10"


    Wedding & Engagement Cakes
    please call or sms for the price. 
    price depending on deco and type of cake.

    Pandan Layer cake - RM70.00 

    Ice-cream cake - RM80.00 

    Black Forest cake - RM60.00 

    Blueberry cake - RM60.00 

    Moist chocolate cake - RM70.00 

    Marble Chocolate Butter cake - RM50.00 

    Carrot cake - RM75.00

    Strawberry/ Blueberry/ Oreo Cheese cake - RM75.00 

    Rich Brownies Cheese cake - RM75.00

    Tiramisu cake - RM80.00 

    Japanese cheese cake - RM75.00 

    Red Velvet cake - RM80.00

    Rainbow cake - RM80.00 

    Chocolate Marble Cheese cake - RM80.00 

    Additional Topping & Deco:
    * edible image + RM23.00
    * cream cheese (for carrot cake) +RM10.00
    * chocolate ganache + RM10.00
    * piping jelly drawing + RM 10.00
    * gumpaste/sugarpaste/fondant ADD RM++ depending on type & quantity

    Normal Box
    Normal Box with Ribbon + RM3
    Window Box + RM3
    Window Box with Ribbon + RM5
    Window Box with Ribbon and Small Card + RM8

    * Note : Price may subject to change from time to time.

    Cake Order Form
    * For Engagement/Wedding cake, pls call me directly at 0126580408 or email me at dahliasweetcake@gmail.com.
    *For those who chose adding edible image as topping, pls inform me your image needed or you can send me your customize image.Tq for ordering with DahliaSweetCake.

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