We offer varieties of chocolates for any special occasion or as a door gift. Our chocolate is made using delicious compound chocolate with special filling. Our minimum order is 50 boxes.

Varieties of Chocolate
  • Chocolate Praline
  • Chocolate Oreo
  • LolliChoc
  • Chocolate Boxes


Chocolate Praline

3 pcs Chocolate Praline in simple box RM2.50 with minimum order 50 boxes

4 pcs Chocolate Praline in Exclusive Boxes RM4.50 with minimum order 50 boxes

Chocolate Oreo
Chocolate Oreo RM2.50 per pcs including box. Minimum order 50 pcs


LolliChoc RM1.50 including wrapper. Minimum order 50 pcs.

Order must be made at least 1 week before for small order (below 100 pcs). 
For large order (100 pcs and above), order must be made 1 month before.

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