Choices for BASIC cupcakes:
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
**one flavor per set only

Toppings choices for basic cupcakes:
* buttercream
* buttercream and fondant
* buttercream and piping jelly
* buttercream rose
* chocolate ganache
* chocolate rose

Choices for SPECIAL EDITION CHEESE cupcakes:

  • Flavored cheese cupcakes (orange, strawberry, chocolate ext)
  • Fruit filling cheese cupcakes (orange, strawberry, blueberry, chocolate ext) 
  • Fruit jelly cheese cupcakes
Brownies cheese cupcake without choc ganache
  • Brownies cheese cupcakes with or without chocolate ganache
  • Tiramisu cupcakes (mocha and chocolate flavored)
**one type and flavor per set only


For Special Cupcakes

Red Velvet RM85.00/25pcs
Tiramisu Cupcake RM85.00/25pcs
Brownies Cheese Cupcake RM75/25pcs
Brownies Cheese with Choc Ganache RM85/25pcs
Orange Cheese Cupcake RM75/25pcs
Strawberry Jelly Cheese Cupcake RM60/25pcs


Engagement / Wedding Hantaran cuppies
Price starts from rm3.00 to rm5.00 depending on end product.

to place an order or any inquiry, don't hesitate to call/sms me at 0126580408

* Note : Price may subject to change from time to time

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